Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time for an upgrade in blog quality. Blog version 2.0!

Lately I have been evaluating my blog and I am not satisfied. Up until now I didn't really have a direction mostly splashing around, and being naive about blogs in general. So I started checking out other blogs, blogs people actually LIKE to read. Seeing as I am writing one I should probably read some.

As I dug through blogs I started seeing things I like and things I wanted to do with my own blog. Smack! Inspiration hit me. Now it is not very clear cut but here's the idea. I am going to pick a topic every month or two weeks, learn all about it and share it. I want to focus on; art, bands, piano and viola solos, cooking, technology, and books/poems. If I find anything else that grabs my curiosity it surely will be thrown in there.

This blog will provide me with the creative outlet I am in dreadful need of. See I do ALL math and science courses. So this will be the place for me to keep my sanity and learn the things I've always wanted to. (you'd never find these topics in a biology major's course list) Then comes the question why I am a biology major? Well I'm not completely sure of those reasons myself.

Alright, so I will be OObber busy until this Friday so I will be posting the first topic sometime after that!

This is a Ray Johnson collage. I thought that a 
collage was an appropriate metaphor for the blog.
(look it's already getting interesting!) 

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  1. Like the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Except cooler. Right?

    Nice art.