Thursday, January 19, 2012

The World is Changing..and Fast

I have been out of the world of news for the past couple of months. I wanted to let go of worries and just enjoy life. Little did I know there was a Revolution starting.

Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Stop PIPA + SOPA Movements.

Okay I'll admit I don't know everything, but this is what I know as of now and this is how I feel about it. And I am going to share it because it is my right as an American.

This is insane. Since when did Congress get to choose what information gets through to us and when did they decide that they no longer represent the desires their constitutuents?

I feel like I have no more faith in my government. I don't feel proud of the country we have become. To me America is a place of bankruptcy, high unemployment, and a corrupt government. I don't even feel like a person's vote counts for much. Which is ridiculous, why IS the 1% deciding for the 99%? It doesn't make sense and it sure doesn't sound like democracy.

These internet copyright laws. As it has been explained to me. Things like, my blog could get shut down (if these SOPA+PIPA laws are passed) because I have youtube videos of copyrighted music and video clips on it. How is it freedom of speech when harmless little one person blogs get shut down for something like this? Yeah sure pirating is probably not a great thing but this is not helping's hurting.

Also, don't we have bigger issues to be focusing on right now? Why are we so wrapped up in internet copyright issues when we have the issue of the US going bankrupt, Europe going bankrupt, no one can get a job and no one can afford the education they want to get the job they can't get?!
Let's not even get into the health care issues. I feel like Congress is just too afraid to deal with the real problems at hand. They are all looking out for their own interests and the interests of the lobbyists, instead of the good of the American People.

They are NOT the voice of the People.

I think it is time to take back our country.