Thursday, March 17, 2011

Delays and more Delays

I feel bad I have yet to blog my first experience, but I am a little overwhelmed by my life. I am getting together all my study abroad things... SO MUCH. And struggling with the decision of where to go. Then to top it all off I traveled eleven hours in a car filled with cigarette smoke to go my dad's wedding to a woman I met once. I am now forced to make friends with not only her but all her children (greeeat) and help set up this ridiculous event. Can I go home yet? Good thing they don't know this blog exists. Even if they did, OH WELL. I am at the end of my little rope. It is time for all this insanity to end.

Once it starts to simmer down, I'll be sure to share my cooking adventure. Poor blog, so neglected and alone.

**in her defense she did buy us panda express, made us a huge dinner and gave us beds, but that does not change my feelings**

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  1. Oh's so much fun to get a new mommy, isn't it?!! My step mama HATES me and basically turned the family against me. Yeah, that's normal.