Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Technologically Frustrated

Well day two and  I am trying to figure this blog thing out! Not working. It kind of makes it hard to start a new project in the while being a full time student, working, volunteering and trying to live a life. Or maybe that is my life? Anyway sad to say, blogger has not exactly woo'd me. I came across tumblr, thanks to my dear friend Taryn and their flashing colorful pages are luring me to join them. Blogger you may soon be abandoned if I don't start getting what I want out of you.

Blogger rant fulfilled. (Sigh)

The new obsession on my mind is the study abroad program offered at SUU. I am meeting with an advisor tomorrow and the butterflies are fluttering in my stomach. I feel excited by it, leaving the country all alone, what an adventure. But on the other hand, how TERRIFYING??!! I have to step out of my comfortable bubble. I have to find my adventures, I can't expect it to fall on my lap. Adventure...Here I come.

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