Friday, April 29, 2011

Austria is becoming a reality

A couple months ago I decided that I was going to go to Europe. I have always wanted to and I decided next fall, I will. I signed up for the study abroad program and decided on Salzburg, Austria!!! So beautiful!
Can you imagine?... Living there?

This very weekend I send my information to the school and register for classes! Wow this is really happening, I am really going! I will LIVE in Austria for like four months!

It's not going to be easy getting there though... I need around $8,000 dollars. That's money I don't have...yet. I am planning on working full time this summer, maybe get two jobs if I have too. And a loan if worse comes to worse.

BUT happy news came in the form of an email. An email letting me know that I was awarded a Study Abroad Scholarship! AHHHH dreams come true!! It's not a huge one but any amount even if small compared to the total amount needed I am so grateful for the boost it gives me.

Well everybody it seems I am going to Austria this fall, I guess I better start learning German. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Okay I know I  just posted and I was very serious about my stress and my work. BUT! I came across this right afterwards and I couldn't keep something like this to my self. Ready for this?

 It is called Dali the Llama.
I found this at

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Get it?! Dali is that amazing surrealist, Dalai lama is the Buddist leader (according to wikipedia).  Bring it all together and we get this masterpiece, hahaha!

Well I thought it was funny.

So I have a thing for llamas and cows. I am not sure when and how this strange little interest began but I find them love-able even if they are stinky. Don't laugh but it is a dream of mine to one day ride a llama...and a cow. Not at the same time of course, but really! When it happens, this blog will surely get the post with picture documentation of the epic event. 

Stressed to the Maxx with Finals Drawing Near

Let's just say I am so stressed it has manifested in many physical ways. Uhg... It would not be so bad if I didn't have seven chapters of medical terminology left. I know you are all thinking, "that is your own fault!". Seriously though, have some compassionate for me. I was studying for Biology and Math all semester long! Well now I am on a 24/7 work schedule. I will not rest or sleep until I am done and prepared for this semester to end with a GPA I can be proud of.

No matter how sick, how tired, how hungry, how mean, how dead I become....I WILL prevail.

Perseverance is key.

So here we go...the final countdown *music starts playing*
      Exactly two weeks to accomplish my goal.

I wrote that post on 4/21 and now I am writing on 4/22
Help. Coming home for the weekend has distracted me more than I had imagined, the dog snuffling around the house, the cat whining, my little brother talking on xbox live, a melancholy heart.... I haven't done as much homework as I thought I would. Prayers my friends, I need prayers. Well if you, (anyone who is reading this) is willing to offer some up for me, it would be truly and sincerely appreciated.

Soon it will be summer, and I will get back on my little theme of discovery and adventure, so tune in next time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Art and Expression of a Letter

I have recently started to write letters, you know the kind that are hand written on paper, stick in an envelop and entrust to the mail man. (Though I am starting to doubt his competency.) When I drop a letter into the mailbox I feel this exploding excitement and suspense!

Here are the reasons why I love a letter

1. They are a form of art
2. They are personal
3. No instant gratification...the suspense is like waiting for Christmas all December    
4. They give a feeling of love to the reader, well at least this is how I experience it.

Letters have Personality. I mean just look at that thing.
They are not the uniform type on a screen that we all receive multiple times a day. It is that person putting themselves on paper. They express their feelings through the way their handwriting is thrown out there or thoughtfully and carefully laid to rest on the page.

A letter can hold a physical picture to hold. They can also be livened up with drawings, stickers, or anything you want. That is WAY more interesting than any email you could ever get. You can express yourself with so many more mediums, why limit yourself to type font, emoticons, and attachments?

Also, I always feel much more connected to the person I get a letter from. They touched that letter with their hands and their thoughts physically lay on the page. More and more I am finding that electronic messages are so impersonal. You can hide in every way, behind the ever so perfect type face and any excuse like, "oh my phone died". I don't feel like I am actually reaching that person, the conversation starts to feel like a dialogue from some strange book appearing on my screen, only fiction and fantasy, not a real person. And so I find myself far removed from the comfort of human connection.

I know this is slightly off topic, but there is something I have begun to realize lately, we all need to feel a connection with someone. Even if it is with only one person. You do this by being yourself, letting that other person see the real you. Which scares so many people. This is how we all have 500 facebook friends, it's all fake. We act how we think others want us to be and when you leave that conversation, you feel as if it was only air, you don't feel any closer to that person. It was fake with nothing of substance; you know it and they know it.

(aaand we're back)

 I know everyone loves that feeling when you reach into the mail box and pull out a letter instead of advertisements. For me it is a complete thrill, like a present I can't wait to open and a warm feeling of being loved. I have received a letter recently and it has had me thinking about why they are so special. They mean a lot to me; that person took the time to hand write a message just for me and pay the postage to get it to me.

I used to write to my Grandpa and still have a book filled with his letters. I love it, I love the way his handwriting seems like it will fly off the page or the eagle feather he put in it. Now I have begun to write to others too, and I love it even more.

I guess I wrote all this because I really wanted to share my thoughts on letters and how their simplicity seems to be underrated now a days. And maybe I just wanted to see if anyone else feels the same way.

Lately I feel that somehow modern communication has lost its humanity...