Friday, April 22, 2011

Stressed to the Maxx with Finals Drawing Near

Let's just say I am so stressed it has manifested in many physical ways. Uhg... It would not be so bad if I didn't have seven chapters of medical terminology left. I know you are all thinking, "that is your own fault!". Seriously though, have some compassionate for me. I was studying for Biology and Math all semester long! Well now I am on a 24/7 work schedule. I will not rest or sleep until I am done and prepared for this semester to end with a GPA I can be proud of.

No matter how sick, how tired, how hungry, how mean, how dead I become....I WILL prevail.

Perseverance is key.

So here we go...the final countdown *music starts playing*
      Exactly two weeks to accomplish my goal.

I wrote that post on 4/21 and now I am writing on 4/22
Help. Coming home for the weekend has distracted me more than I had imagined, the dog snuffling around the house, the cat whining, my little brother talking on xbox live, a melancholy heart.... I haven't done as much homework as I thought I would. Prayers my friends, I need prayers. Well if you, (anyone who is reading this) is willing to offer some up for me, it would be truly and sincerely appreciated.

Soon it will be summer, and I will get back on my little theme of discovery and adventure, so tune in next time!

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