Friday, April 29, 2011

Austria is becoming a reality

A couple months ago I decided that I was going to go to Europe. I have always wanted to and I decided next fall, I will. I signed up for the study abroad program and decided on Salzburg, Austria!!! So beautiful!
Can you imagine?... Living there?

This very weekend I send my information to the school and register for classes! Wow this is really happening, I am really going! I will LIVE in Austria for like four months!

It's not going to be easy getting there though... I need around $8,000 dollars. That's money I don't have...yet. I am planning on working full time this summer, maybe get two jobs if I have too. And a loan if worse comes to worse.

BUT happy news came in the form of an email. An email letting me know that I was awarded a Study Abroad Scholarship! AHHHH dreams come true!! It's not a huge one but any amount even if small compared to the total amount needed I am so grateful for the boost it gives me.

Well everybody it seems I am going to Austria this fall, I guess I better start learning German. Wish me luck!

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  1. That's an amazingly brave thing to do--it'll be your 'Eat-Pray-Love' moment in life. I wish I had taken some chances when I was a young single adult--who knows, it may have totally changed everything!!